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Do you do technical writing?

I can edit and proofread anything in English.  If you need original copy about the intricacies of a highly technical and specialized area such as, let's say, quantum physics, I recommend that you speak with someone who specializes in that area.


How can you write copy about a topic with which you aren't familiar? 

Part of my job in writing for you is conducting research about whatever topic you like.  If you provide me with bullet-pointed information, I can flesh out those ideas into an entire brochure.  The amount of research depends on the level of detail you need in your final copy.  I've written about studies on diaper need, the health benefits of olive oil, how acupuncture works, and several other seemingly random topics.  I have also written an employee training manual on how to use Word and Excel. Bottom line: give me the topic, and I'll write about it.


Will you work with my employees on a project?

Yes.  I'm used to working with multiple departments and all personality types.  If you need me to write copy and run it by the legal department while working on layout with your art department, I am happy to do it.  Farming out the work to a freelancer makes your life much easier; you have bigger fish to fry than managing the daily minutia of a writing project.  You will certainly approve anything and everything before it goes to a printer or gets posted on your website.


What are your rates?

I quote each project based on your needs.  Do you need me to write an article of 1,000 words about something, or do you need me to create a package of brief social media posts to accompany a campaign you have planned?  Do you need me to be your webmaster?  Do you need me to be a liaison with your art department to create copy for ongoing seasonal advertising, or am I working with just you?  


Each project is unique, so I can't provide you with a cookie cutter response to this one.  


What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading is when I read your final copy and find typos and formatting inconsistencies.  I identify the issues, but your office fixes them in the final document, and we all go on our merry way.

Editing is when I do the above but also improve and revise a piece to sound better, to be grammatically correct, and to be something you are proud and confident to send to your audience.  


Will you proofread my existing website content?

Yes.  I can proofread it and edit it online if you provide me with the access to do so.


Can you write copy for and orchestrate snail mailings of fund raising letters?



Can you send out mass emails?

I can write them, and I can send them.  However, if I am sending a mass email from your website, then you will need to provide me with the temporary administrative access to do so.

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